How It All Started

(As told by co-owners, Dylan Lucas and Ryan Nichols)

Much like you, roofing wasn’t the first thing on our minds. During our extracurricular activities, we would often talk about what we liked and disliked about their jobs. One of the things we both agreed that we liked about our jobs at the time was the customer service aspect.

We would joke about how bad the customer service was with most jobs, and how our experience and background in taking care of and following up with customers would dramatically change the business landscape. We decided we were up for the challenge of switching directions with our careers and making a difference that everyone would notice.


Having fair and truthful conduct, with no closed doors.


A feeling of deep satisfaction derived from one’s achievements and those of the company as a whole.


The desire to become greater and more knowledgeable.


Coming together to achieve a common goal and knowing that you can rely on your ECO family.


Accepting responsibility for one’s action and holding others to the same standard.

Taking the Roofing Industry to New Heights

For as long as we’ve been friends, we have always challenged each other to reach new heights, which makes sense that one of the extracurricular activities in which we shared an interest was rock climbing. Being familiar with ropes, harnesses, heights, and overall safety, when it came to switching career paths, the roofing industry just felt right.

The challenge we faced was to create a roofing company that not only roofers, business owners, and homeowners would know about, but also look up to. It’s no surprise that the roofing industry has a bad reputation for poor communication, scams, and unapproachable workers. With ECO Roof and Solar, we aim to set the standard higher with more responsibility and accountability, and making sure the needs of the customer are met – both before and after getting on any roof.


Connecting with actual names and faces of human beings is crucial in the roofing industry.

Meet the ECO management team that will be involved in your commercial or residential project.

Dylan Lucas, President

Ryan Nichols, CEO

Safety is our Top Priority

At ECO Roof and Solar, we take appropriate safety precautions with each job, no matter the situation. Every crew member is required to represent the company by wearing green ECO Roof and Solar shirts and hard hats. We also require that our crews strictly follow all OSHA guidelines for all build projects, including:

  • Rope and harness when on the roof
  • Cover all pedestrian walkways
  • Tarp property and personal belongings for protection.

Like all professions involving physical labor, roofing comes with its share of inherent risk. It’s no coincidence that falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry.

Many professionals assume that risk every day, but at ECO Roof and Solar, we strongly believe in taking sensible safety measures that can dramatically reduce or eliminate the dangers associated with working on a rooftop. Besides the ethical responsibility to provide a safe work environment, workplace injuries and unsafe practices can result in severe increases to insurance costs, as well as lawsuits that can lead to bankruptcy.

Expanding Nationwide

Progressing to and reaching new heights is what our co-owner partnership thrives on. Through our positive impact, both on buildings and the environment, as well as a superior experience, it is important for us to continue to progress as a company. Seeing that ECO Roof and Solar has proved our customer satisfaction in the storm-prone state of Colorado, it was time to show similar states like Texas and Louisiana just how well they and their roofs would be taken care of.

Whether it’s a new roof endeavor or storm damage restoration, we take pride in the product we offer to the following locations and their surrounding areas: