Best For: Any application (including high heat and solar applications) where you want the very best performance you can get.

TPO Self Adhering

Best For: Installations where the fastest, easiest, low-odor application is a key requirement


Best For: Membrane is suitable for use in all types of single-ply systems: Mechanically Attached, Ballast Applied, Fully Adhered.


Best For: Ideal for either new roofs or for roofing over a variety of common roof deck types and insulation materials.

GAF – EverGuard Extreme® TPO Roofing

There are many choices for TPO membranes. Only EverGuard Extreme® TPO offers superior performance over “standard” TPO membranes and the industry’s best guarantee: up to 35 years! Specifically, this patent-pending technology delivers next-generation performance against heat aging and UV degradation (the two key performance characteristics directly related to roof system longevity), and also exceeds all key ASTM standards for TPO membranes. Don’t settle for standard TPO when you can get the advanced protection of EverGuard Extreme® TPO for your property. Please call for Guarantee details.

Also Available:

  • GAF – EverGuard® TPO Roofing – Smooth
  • GAF – EverGuard® TPO Roofing – Fleece-Back
  • GAF – EverGuard® Freedom™ TPO HW Membrane
  • GAF – PVC Smooth
  • GAF – PVC Fleece Backed
  • GAF – PVC Smooth with Elvaloy®

GenFlex EZ TPO

The self-adhering roofing membrane GenFlex EZ TPO is a high-quality thermoplastic polyolefin that offers the “best of both worlds”: the proven flexibility and weathering resistance of rubber, and the performance of hot-air welded thermoplastic seams. Heat-welded thermoplastic roofing membranes are the fastest growing segment of the low-slope roofing market and the GenFlex EZ TPO is an excellent system choice.

Also Available:

  • EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)
  • Flex White EPDM

Mule-Hide TPO

Other white membranes command a premium price, but thanks to manufacturing technology originally developed in the automotive industry (impact and UV resistant bumpers), a Mule-Hide TPO roof is considered “The Affordable White Roof”. Available in white, gray, tan (other colors by special order), and also in Fleece Back versions, Mule-Hide TPO is designed for superior strength and weatherability. It’s lightweight yet highly resistant to tears, impact, punctures, and wind uplift. Mule-Hide TPO is ideal for both new construction and reroofing, because its reinforced membrane easily handles building thermal expansion and contraction. Meets or exceeds ASTM performance standards.

Also Available:

  • Mule-Hide PVC
  • Mule-Hide Standard EPDM Black
  • Mule-Hide Standard EPDM Black
  • Mule-Hide White on Black EPDM


RUBEROID® TORCH SMOOTH MEMBRANE is a tough, resilient modified bitumen membrane manufactured to stringent GAF specifications. Its core is a strong, resilient, non-woven polyester mat that is coated with weather resistant, APP polymer modified asphalt. The membrane is available with a smooth surface. RUBEROID® TORCH SMOOTH MEMBRANE is designed for new roofing and reroofing applications as well as flashings. RUBEROID® TORCH SMOOTH MEMBRANE is also an ideal product for repairs of built-up roofing membranes or other modified bitumen systems.

Also Available:

  • RUBEROID® APP Modified Bitumen Membranes
  • RUBEROID® SBS Modified Bitumen Membranes
  • Self-Adhered Modified Bitumen Membranes

Mule-Hide Self-Adhering Mod Bit

Mule-Hide Self-Adhering Mod Bit roofing systems install quickly and adhere to a wide range of substrates and base piles without hot asphalt or flames. It’s ideal for low-slope and steeper slopes and available in twelve popular colors, including standard white. Light-colored surfaces have been shown to reflect the sun’s rays, which reduces air-conditioning costs. It also has attractive ceramic granule surface cap sheets.

GAF Timberline – Asphalt

Professional installers have long preferred the rugged, dependable performance that only a GAF roof can offer, and have made our Timberline® Shingles with Advanced Protection® the #1 selling shingle brand in North America! Rated #1 in shingle quality by U.S. contractors and home builders.

Timberline HD

High Performance Advanced Protection® technology, which minimizes the use of natural resources while providing superior protection for your home.

Armor Shield

Potential insurance savings And extra protection — with the beauty of Timberline® shingles.

Grand Sequoia

Extra-large design with over-sized tabs create a realistic wood-shake look—at a fraction of the cost!

Grand Canyon

The incredible depth and dimension of Grand Canyon® shingles will astound even the most casual observer!

Owens Corning – Asphalt

Since Owens Corning was founded in 1938, the company has continued to grow as a market-leading innovator of glass fiber technology. A Fortune® 500 company for 59 years, Owens Corning and its people redefine what is possible each day to deliver high-quality products and services to customers around the corner and around the world. TruDefinition® singles are vibrant and dimensional.


High-end, premium look, which gives your home the aesthetics you desire at an attractive price.


They feature an extra-thick, three-dimensional appearance and have steadfast protection with the alluring look of wood shake.

Duration Storm

Impact-Resistant Shingles UL 2218, Class 4, are an excellent choice for property owners concerned about the impact of severe weather on their roof.

DECRA – Stone Coated Steel

With a proven commitment to quality and performance, DECRA Roofing Systems has over fifty years of experience in manufacturing and marketing stone coated steel roofing systems. Offering the beauty and style of Mediterranean tile with the lightweight components of stone coated steel, a DECRA Tile roof adds a unique elegance to any building. With a long-standing reputation for performance, longevity, and versatility, DECRA Tile is an ideal alternative to traditional tile.


Offering the beauty and style of Mediterranean tile with the lightweight components of stone coated steel.

Villa Tile

DECRA’s Villa Tile combines the superior performance of steel with the classic beauty, elegance and architectural detail of an old world Italian tile.

Shake XD

Emulating the classic beauty and architectural detail of a rustic, thick, hand-split wood shake, Shake XD has a unique hidden fastening system and is installed directly to the deck.

BORAL – Concrete Roofing Tiles

Boral Roofing is a subsidiary of Boral USA and is the country’s largest premium provider of complete roofing and re-roofing solutions for architects, as well as commercial and residential builders. Few roof products are as beautiful or enduring as Boral concrete roof tiles. With so many styles and colors to choose from, you’ll find that adding a tile roof to your home is one of the easiest and most effective ways to complement your lifestyle and increase the value of your property.


Rustic Spanish tile features a distinct shadow line through the concrete tile that accurately replicates the look and dimension of a two-piece clay product.

Saxony Shake

Reminiscent of the roof style found in England and Northern Europe, the Saxony Shake is versatile enough to accentuate any architectural style.

Saxony Slate Impact

Boral Roofing’s new Class 4 Impact Tile concrete roof tile has earned the highest hail performance certification recognized in the industry.

Davinci – Synthetic Composite

Since our first roof installation in 2001, DaVinci has grown to offer a wide array of industry-leading, award-winning polymer roofing products – manufactured to overcome the natural weaknesses of stone slate and wood shake, defying the elements while delighting the senses.

Single Width Shake

DaVinci synthetic cedar shake tiles resemble the hand-split shake tile found on upscale residences throughout the world but requires none of the maintenance.

Fancy Shake

DaVinci Fancy Shake polymer roof tiles provide a more refined cedar look when compared to traditional hand-split shake.

Multi-width Shake

The texture of natural cedar shake tiles with displays of a deep-grained surface that reflects the natural textures and the look of “premium shake”.


GacoFlex S20 Silicone Roof Coating System- Re-Cover, Don’t Re-Roof

GacoFlex S20 Silicone Roofing System is a solvent-free alternative to renewing weathered or leaking roofs. GacoFlex Roof Coating helps you avoid time-consuming and costly tear-offs while extending the life of your roof. By renewing your roof, you’ll never need to replace the roof again. Using innovative silicone technology, roof coating provides a seamless weather-tight seal that protects virtually any roof against ultraviolet light and severe weather, eliminates common sources of leaks, and withstands permanent ponding water.

GacoFlex S20 has passed all of the tests with decades of proven performance and protection. Guaranteed.


ECO Roof and Solar 5-Year Workmanship Warranty

ECO Roof and Solar provides a 5-year Workmanship Warranty on all of the roofs we install. This is at NO COST to the property owner and is one-transferrable to the new owner.

GAF’s Golden Pledge® Ltd. Warranty

GAF’s Golden Pledge® Ltd. Warranty was the first manufacturer’s warranty to cover both manufacturing defects and the contractor’s workmanship. Whether or not your contractor remains in business, GAF will stand behind his workmanship for 25 years! The Golden Pledge® Ltd. Warranty is available only through GAF Master Elite™ Contractors who are factory-certified by GAF. The warranty even includes an inspection by GAF’s factory-trained inspectors after your new roof has been completed to ensure proper installation. It is the strongest, safest warranty available in roofing today. ECO Roof and Solar can provide a price for the warranty when you receive a quote for your new roof.

GAF Weather Stopper® System Plus Ltd. Warranty

The GAF Weather Stopper® System Plus Ltd. Warranty provides coverage against manufacturing defects for all major GAF components on your roof (not just your shingles) — so you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that, if any covered roofing component fails, it will be covered by the warranty. The warranty is available through GAF’s factory-certified contractors, of which ECO Roof and Solar is one, and is a low-cost way to get up to 50 years of non-prorated coverage (against manufacturing defects) on your new roofing system. For the small additional cost of the System Plus limited warranty, this is probably the best value you can get for your investment.

GAF’s EverGuard® System Pledge Roof Guarantee

GAF’s EverGuard® System Pledge Roof Guarantee provides you with extensive coverage against material defects and application errors. GAF will repair leaks through the EverGuard roofing membrane, base flashing, high wall waterproofing flashings, insulation, expansion joint cover, pre-flashed accessories, and coated edge metal resulting from the natural deterioration of EverGuard roofing materials, splits not caused by structural failure, ridges, buckles and wrinkles, or workmanship in applying the GAF materials.

DaVinci Roofscapes 50-Year Limited Material Warranty

The Lifetime Limited Material Warranty on DaVinci Slate and Shake roofing systems assure that our products will stand the test of time, providing beauty and durability for decades. It covers manufacture defects and installation costs for either repair or replacement. After 10 years, the amount payable for manufacturer defect decreases. It is not liable for natural perils and is transferrable once with the first five years.

Boral Express Limited Warranty

This warranty only covers BORAL Tiles, not accessory materials or installation labor. It warrants that the tiles will not burn, will not be damaged by vermin, will not allow passage of water due to decomposition or decay, will not delaminate as the result of temperature change or weathering, will not warp, lift or curl, will withstand all design wind rating (excluding act of God). Boral may (pending inspection) furnish either a new concrete roof tile, free of charge, to replace each defective roof tile, or refund the purchase price of each defective tile.

DECRA Roofing Systems 50-Year Limited Warranty

Warrants to the original product owner that each DECRA roofing panel will remain free from any manufacturing defects that would adversely affect the performance of the panels, resistance to blow-offs in wind velocities up to 120 mph, or ability to resist hail damage. Panels containing defects in material or manufacturing workmanship will be repaired or replaced for a reasonable cost within the first 20 years. During the remaining 30 years, the amount paid will cover materials only and will decline annually on a prorated basis.

GenFlex Roofing Systems & Commercial Roofing System Warranty

Warranted systems consist of GenFlex brand membrane and GenFlex brand components, including insulation, fasteners, adhesives, sealant, flashing, fasteners, insulation plates, metal bars, edge metal, and related GenFlex brand accessory items used in accordance with GlenFlex Roofing Systems. Warrants the building owner that for the period in which the GlenFlex warranty is effective, GenFlex will repair any leak in the GlenFelx roofing system caused by a defect in the GlenFlex brand material, or workmanship within the scope of this warranty.