Insurance Claims Specialists for Every Property

When it comes to filing an insurance claim on your home or business there is no better roofing company to work with than ECO Roof and Solar. We are here to alleviate the stress and time it takes to file an insurance claim by providing you with an insurance billing specialist who is 100% committed to ensuring you receive every penny you deserve.


At ECO Roof and Solar, our emergency repair teams are available 24/7 and are certified experts at assessing commercial & residential roofing damage. If your business has recently been hit by a storm or needs repair, please contact us to request a free roofing inspection.

Making Insurance Claims Easy

To alleviate the stress and time it takes to file an insurance claim ECO Roof and Solar has developed a simple 5-step process that will assist you every step of the way.

Step 1. – Call ECO Roof & Solar

Call ECO Roof and Solar for a through damage inspection 303.484.9854

Step 2. – Confirm Damage & File Claim

Once we have confirmed that your roof has damaged caused by a recent storm (wind, hail, lightning, fire, and water) our team of experts will guide you through the process of filing an insurance claim.

Step 3. – Set Appointment with Insurance Field Adjuster

After your claim has been filed an insurance field adjuster will be provided to you by your insurance. Your insurance adjuster will set a date and time to examine the damage. In order for us to best assist you with the inspection, we ask that you give your ECO Project Manager a minimum 24-48 hours notice of the date and time this appointment will take place. On the day of your appointment, your ECO Project Manager will walk the property with your insurance adjuster to inspect the damage and make sure all areas are properly noted.

Step 4. – Getting every Penny You Deserve

Once the field adjuster has inspected the damage it will be either (denied or approved). At this time your insurance billing specialist at ECO Roof and Solar will step in and act as an advocate for you ensuring that all damaged components are correctly paid for by your insurance company. Our teams of Insurance Specialist are professionally trained to handle problematic insurance adjusters, so whether your claim gets denied or approved expect that we will get you every penny you deserve.

Step 5. – Review Scope of Work and Set a Date to Begin Work

Once your insurance adjuster has approved the scope of work, you will receive an ACV (actual cash value) check within 7-10 business days. Proceed to the following steps based on if you have a mortgage or own your home or business outright.

I own my home or business outright:

  1. Contact your ECO Project Manager to review the scope of work, insurance check and finalize the contract.
  2. Set date for construction

I have a mortgage:

  1. If your mortgage company is listed on your insurance check you and your ECO Project Manager will need to sit down and fill out the authorization form. This form allows ECO Roof and Solar to speak with the mortgage company and request pertinent information on behalf of you the homeowner.
  2. Once the authorization form is completed you will then endorse the insurance check and then mail the check to your mortgage company for their endorsement.
  3. Once the check has been mailed and endorsed by your insurance company it will then be deposited to ECO Roof and Solar so materials may be purchased and start date can be finalized.


(ACV) Actual Cash Value

Is the cost to repair or replace an insured item of property at the time of the loss, less depreciation. The value of depreciation is based on the age and condition of the item. Personal property, such as contents, is typically settled at ACV unless the insured purchases (RCV) Replacement Cost Coverage. Your ACV Payments is typically the 1st of two checks you receive. The 2nd check will be mailed when the job is complete and all invoices are billed directly to your insurance company.

(RCC) Replacement Cost Coverage

Also known as Replacement Cost Value (RCV) is the cost to replace lost or damaged property with new property of like kind and quality at current prices. For an additional premium, it is available for buildings and contents. Some insurers automatically include RCC in the homeowner policy; however, it is usually an optional coverage that must be purchased.RCV = (ACV + Deprecation + Deductible)

Code Coverage

Every city has different code requirements that have to be met so it’s important for you to understand and know if you have code coverage added to your insurance policy. Code Coverage covers you in the event that your city has changed its codes requirements and you have to make an insurance claim. Usually, code coverage is an optional coverage that must be purchased in addition to your homeowner’s insurance.

I have code coverage: Code Coverage covers you in the event that your city has changed its codes requirements and you have to make an insurance claim. If you have code coverage you will not have to pay “increased cost” based on local code requirements.

I don’t have code coverage: In the event that you “do not” have code coverage and your local codes have changed, you will be required to incur “increased cost” out of pocket in order to meet your local code.

Insurance Information & Contacts

  • America First • • 877-263-7890
  • Central • • 888-263-2924
  • CNA • • 877-262-2727
  • EMC • • 888-362-2255
  • Farmers • • 800-435-7764
  • Farmers Mutual • • 800-654-0147
  • Firemans Fund • • 888-347-3428
  • Liberty Mutual • • 800-842-5246
  • Lloyds of London • • 866-264-2533
  • Minico • • 800-842-5246
  • Nation Wide • • 800-421-3535
  • Safeco • • 800-332-3226
  • State Farm •
  • The Hartford • • 877-805-9918
  • Travelers • • 866-678-0492
  • Union Standard • • 800-444-0049
  • Zurich • • 800-987-3373

A homeowner’s insurance policy can provide comprehensive protection against damages to a house and its contents. Colorado law does not require a consumer to purchase homeowners insurance, but if your home is financed, the mortgage company will require coverage to protect their interest in the property.

There are various kinds of insurance including homeowner, condominium, renters and mobile home. All of these provide property and liability coverage. The property coverage will insure against perils such as fire, wind, hail, vandalism, and theft. The liability coverage protects you in the event someone other than the insured is injured on your property.

Keep in mind that the most homeowner policies will not insure you for floods. If you need to purchase flood insurance contact your company representative. Your policy contract will explain all of the insured coverages and exclusions.

It is important that you read your policy contract and understand its limitations.

If you have any questions about your homeowner coverage contact your insurance representative or contact us at ECO Roof and Solar!